Tuito App is a School App (and CollegeApp) that focuses on transforming your institution into digital campus. This is done by connecting to school management software that helps school admin to connect with parents and students through one single App. Tuito App is available on Android and iOS platform.

Tuito App gives co-branding feature where a school can use the logo for brand visibility and also allows students and parents to manage profiles for better networking.

There are more than 30+ features in Tuito App making it one of the most advanced technological solution for any school or college across the globe. With unlimited free updates, Tuito App allows the institution to be updated with technology every three months.

Some key features include Tally Software Integration, Fee Management, Bus Tracking, Admission Module, Homework and Attendance among more than 30+ features.

Our School Mobile App - Tuito App is trusted by schools across India and abroad, as it is 100% customizable according to existing requirements and can be tweaked for better flexibility.

The App is easily scalable, economical solution and can be integrated with existing ERP based systems as Tuito App comes with ERP / School Management Software.

Tuito App’s data transfer is 128-bit SSL secured (Bank-level security). All data is stored on secure cloud platform which has ISO 9001, ISO 27001, PCI DSS level 1& HIPAA certifications.

Tuito App also focuses on learning with different courses that can be purchased by parents and students via App itself through Tuito Shop. The school app gives the option to pay fees via App where tuition fees are directly deposited in school’s bank account seamlessly through RBI Authorised payment gateway.

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