Class & Course Module

Class & Course Module

School Management System allows school admin to add, delete, edit classes and courses according to need and requirement. School courses also involve syllabus addition and course management. The school management system also allows to create groups of students, batches, and teams for courses and entire ERP system creates an easy to handle environment for managing examinations, result on the basis of classes and courses.

Simply upload excel on the basis of Tuito Template and create classes, courses, batches with a single upload. Tuito App also allows students and parents to view courses and other details related to syllabus

Major features

  • Manage courses
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting courses
  • Batch creation
  • Manages multiple courses
  • Manage batches
  • Runs unlimited batches for every course
  • Temporary batch creation
  • Automatic expiring of batches according to the period
  • Customisable according to the size of the school
  • Manage subjects within the school
  • Adding/editing/deleting subjects
  • Manages normal/elective subjects
  • Associated with timetable generation and examination creation
  • Manages transfer of students
  • Previous batch history
  • Subjects change management
  • Manage Teachers and add time table of teachers
  • Assigning tutors/teaching staff to batches
  • Managing syllabus
  • Managing Academic Sessions

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