Exam Module

Student Exam Module

School App - Tuito App converts the school into digital campus. During the academic session, students go through different types of assignments, tests, examinations. School now gets an option to use powerful Tuito Analytical tool combined with Student Exam Module that allows not only to create results but also manage results. School results can, therefore, be easily managed through student exam module where each examination can be defined and calculations run in real time giving parents and students more than 6 different analytics including class average, percentage, percentile etc.

It includes easy examination management with real-time analytics. Automatically calculate the class average, percentile, percentage etc. Student App and Parent App get a full view of academics on real time basis.

Student Exam Module is also compatible with University boards, School boards or can be customized on the basis of school or college requirement.

Major features

  • Create examinations
  • Create subject wise exams/tests
  • Online exams
  • Grade / Marks option for different boards
  • Subject wise marks sheets
  • Download / Print student wise report card
  • Real-time mobile update on parent’s mobile
  • Report generation
  • Various report formats
  • Student’s performance illustrations
  • Suitable for various education boards
  • Record marks
  • Publish online marks for students and their parents
  • Certificate generation

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