Home Work Module

Student Home Work Module

School and College give students homework & assignments on day to day basis that helps students to work at home, use their analytical mind and focus on overall academics. School App focuses on this domain and allows the school to effectively manage homework and assignments for its students in real time basis. School homework, therefore, becomes a centric application of school app. Information also involves but not limited to homework issue date, homework due date, homework attachments and much more.Tuito APP allows parents and students to stay updated with School homework and assignments.

Students can easily collaborate and keep up with ongoing submissions and add reminders for the same when required. The teacher can send homework via School App - Tuito App to students directly (with attachments).

Once teacher issues homework with a due date, it automatically is stored on a cloud server and school admin can manage all homework's and assignments through their login in School App. ᐧ ᐧ

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